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How to be in the present moment fast?

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by your worries and anxieties, especially during those long winter months? Do your thoughts constantly dominate your life and leave you feeling like you're stuck in a mental rut? Well, have no fear, because I have the solution: cold therapy!

Getting into cold water might seem unconventional, but trust me, it's a great way to be present in the moment, even if it's just for a few seconds! And let's be real, cold water therapy has some pretty impressive benefits. When we immerse ourselves in cold water, our body and mind are forced to focus on survival, which means living in the present moment rather than dwelling on past regrets or worrying about the future. It's like a wake-up call that reminds us that we're alive and kicking!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Jumping into cold water? No way!" But let me tell you, the sensation of cold water on your skin can be invigorating and give you a burst of energy. Of course, it's important to take the necessary precautions, like proper preparation and supervision, to avoid turning into a human popsicle.

Personally, to achieve my own cold plunges, I slow down my heart rate through breathwork while visualizing the activity as a playful and warm experience. I add the "fun" factor to my mental rehearsal and just go for it, like in my visualization. On my first few cold plunges, I couldn't feel my limbs and started to feel dizzy. That's why I make sure that when it gets too intense, there's always a hot tub nearby to warm me up quickly.

If you're interested in trying cold therapy, one of the best ways is by visiting a Nordic Scandinavian type of spa, where you can alternate between hot and cold therapy. It's like a rollercoaster for your body and mind, except instead of screaming in terror, you'll be screaming in delight!

So, if you're feeling stuck in your thoughts, give cold water therapy a try. It might just be the shock you need to shake things up and get back to the present moment. And who knows, you might even have some fun with it. Just remember, don't turn into an icicle!

Note: The water was a 4 degrees celsius (39.2 Fahrenheit) that day!

My takeaway: it made me realize that the sensation of cold can only exist if there is a body to experience it.

Photos by David Deïas.

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