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Energy awareness for writers.

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Hello fellow storytellers!

Crafting a personal and sensitive story has the power to connect with audiences and create positive change. But let's take a moment to consider the key ingredient that can take our storytelling to the next level - and that most writers are not familiar with: energy awareness.

Energy awareness means being in tune with the energy we emanate and that we bring to our work and how it impacts our audience.

As we tap into deep emotions and experiences, even traumas, our work can have a profound impact on ourselves and our readers. Without energy awareness, we risk bringing negative energy to our project leading to writer's block, procrastination, and a lack of motivation. And ultimately, a story that doesn't transcend the audience's hearts.

But fear not! Let's make energy awareness our top priority as we embark on personal and sensitive storytelling. Incorporate mindfulness strategies, take breaks when necessary, stretch those muscles, and practice self-care. With a positive and compassionate mindset towards our work and ourselves, we can create stories that are powerful, sustainable, and impactful for both ourselves and our audiences.

And speaking of energy awareness, have you heard of accessing the 'Akashic Records' for storytelling?

It's an incredible experience that I've personally had success with.

Comment below if you want to learn more or if you already use them in your filmmaking process. Let's elevate our storytelling game together!

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