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State-of-the-art coaching bridging chi and mindset strategies that help elevate performance and results at the highest level of consciousness, behind and in front of the camera. 

This method makes it easy to understand metaphysical concepts with simple techniques everyone can use to elevate their creativity, mindset, communication skills, intuition, and most importantly RESULTS.


"Patricia Chica is a multiple award-winning director, producer, energy educator and coach whose mission is to connect storytelling, high-performance mindset and consciousness within the film/TV and entertainment industry. She has been a go-to instructor for hundreds of actors, crew members, and film industry professionals. Through individual training and her global CHI Energy Workshops, talks at film festivals and universities, and countless Clubhouse rooms, Patricia has helped legions of people become aware of the power of the mind, body and spirit and how to use that energy to better create, get through blocks, overcome mental limitations and generally attract the results they want at an accelerated rate. Another goal of CHI Energy is to help you become a better collaborator, something that can serve you well throughout your career."

- STAGE 32


If you are a conscious creator, actor, performing artist, filmmaker, producer, screenwriter working in the film, TV and entertainment industry, I will bring you from where you are to further than you aspire to be.

Photo: © Camille Fadl

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How I Can Help You

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Private 1-on-1 Coaching.

Minimum 2 hours for the first-timer.

Buy 3 coaching sessions and get 1 free.

Private coaching to attract the results you want. Each session is customized to tackle a specific challenge or topic. Chica will coach you using various Chi Energy, Mindset and Branding techniques.

Chica is prolific in all these areas:

Energy Work

High Performance Mindset

Directing Actors

Marketing & PR

Film Festivals

Public & Media Communications

Personal Branding

Storytelling (Film/TV)Pitching


Meditation & Visualization

Conscious Practices

And much more.

Available in English, French & Spanish.

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This personal development workshop provides media industry professionals with an understanding of the energetic consciousness and mindset of the higher creator. It is designed to help participants develop their leadership, self-confidence and highest potential by teaching them the connection between the body, mind and spirit in the process of creating and producing an audiovisual work (film, documentary, television). Through Patricia Chica's teachings, participants will gain an understanding of their six senses and innate intuitive abilities, as well as learn how to overcome their limiting beliefs, through an awareness of their six senses and innate intuitive abilities.

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Patricia Chica will train the Cast and Crew of your film production on the best energy awareness practices and mindset strategies to reach their highest-performance, on and off the camera.


• How to use meditation for grounding, concentration and visualization of an intention or idea.
• How to use the properties of the 7 energy centers (chakras) in your body to develop your performance in front of and behind the camera, as well as on set.
• How to protect yourself from negative energy and the judgment of others.
• How to quickly feel confident and powerful during an audition, a pitch meeting, a public speaking session, a production meeting and even on set.
• How to use effective communication techniques between director, actors, producer, writer and crew members that aim for openness, compassion and harmony.
• Effective exercises to get you out of your head and into your full potential instruments (your body and mind).
• How to free yourself from any limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from your intuitive impulses.
• How to detect, listen and act on your creative intuition.


• Learn to be in control of ourselves: of our intentions, actions and results.
• Develop a strategy to become even more aware of our state of mind in order to think and act like a superior creator.
• Understand the power of intention for creation.
• Develop our 6th sense and intuition to act, write, produce, direct, and tell powerful stories.
• How to quickly access the state of flow through various advanced energy techniques and daily practices you can learn to do on your own.
• Understand the components of the higher creator's state of mind, habits, and energetic awareness. • Learn effective techniques for achieving gravitas, charisma, and magnetism in the performing arts. • Learn advanced energetic exercises and situational improvisations.
• Achieve a level of intuitive competence in directing oneself and others.

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In-person Workshop

April, 2024

June 6, 2024

Montreal, Mile-End

You will learn high-end Chi Energy techniques.

How to attain the state of flow.


The workshop will be interactive and there will be time allocated to personally coach 10 actors.

You will receive a certificate after completion of the workshop.

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$997(early bird)

In-person workshop

June 6-June 10, 2024

Montreal, Mile-End

5-day immersive laboratory & career accelerator designed exclusively for the film community. 10 actors and 5 directors will be selected to delve into a profound exploration of personal and professional growth. For these intensive 5-days, we'll deconstruct your limiting beliefs, reconstruct a mindset for heightened awareness, elevate consciousness, boost stamina, ignite creativity, enhance skills, and cultivate a state of flow. You'll learn easy and practical energy tools that will help you stay grounded, focused, and empowered in any situation on and off the set.


On the last day, the 5 directors will have 2 actors to film a short scene. This is exactly where you'll be able to test your skills and get feedback from the other participants.


Before the in-person workshop, we'll kick off with a Zoom call to delve into your individual goals and intentions. Following the workshop, participants will benefit from 3 additional Zoom masterclasses featuring insights and advice from industry leaders, including a top-tier director, an American casting director, and a renowned actor. These virtual sessions aim to further enhance understanding of industry insights and best practices.


This is the most transformational workshop you'll find in the film community.

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Only 3 Rising Stars are selected for this certified program per year.

Only 3 Rising Stars are selected for this certified program per year.

This is a highly curated 1-year program where Chica will take you under her wing. She will coach you to become an authority in your field, from where you are right now to even further than where you want to be.

You will have 2 private coachings per month during that year, direct contact with Chica by text, phone, and email, and VIP access to all the recorded programs and workshops.

By being a protégé(e), Chica will give you access to insider industry information, educational opportunities, introductions, recommendations, and access to VIP events at Cannes, Sundance, TIFF, Hollywood Red Carpet Premieres, etc if you can attend.

Chica will also create a powerful strategy to brand you, teach you how to speak in public, on social media, and TV/radio interviews, and use her PR skills to promote you.

Only selected participants will be part of this program. Chica is looking for the next rising star to create legacy work and significant global impact.

This program is about following a strategy to raise your career to the next level, receiving continual guidance, feedback, and accountability, and constantly learning, growing, and surpassing your goals. 

Submit your candidature:

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